Chapter 3: FLAME ON

Chapter 3: FLAME ON by K. Gallet “Nice for you…

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Chapter 2: The Coliseum

Chapter 2: The Coliseum By K.Gallet “Hey Lancer, wait up!”…

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horror movie

Bring back the scary

Where did the horror genre go? By. K.Gallet Is it…

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Greenie By K.Gallet The armor weighs heavily on the Captain’s…

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Hate is a Strong Word

Hate is a strong word. by K.Gallet Hate. The word…

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Chapter 3: Wake Up!

Chapter 3: Wake UP K. Gallet The trees around me…

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USA, New York State, New York City, Crime scene barrier tape

Chapter 2: The Crime Scene

Chapter 2: The Crime Scene by K.Gallet As I walk…

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Chapter 1: That Dream

Chapter 1: That Dream I sit up in bed, heart…

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Underground bunker

History of the United

History of the United Written By: Thomas Clines Across the…

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candle flame

Chapter 1: Control

Chapter 1: by K. Gallet The sun creeps over the…

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